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Metal Gates

Hand Crafted Metal Gates

Our metal gates are hand crafted and made to measure. We have a wide range of designs for you to choose from, or you can use your own designs. We manufacture and install a wide variety of metal gates including wrought iron driveway gates, metal security gates and metal garden gates.

Metal Driveway Gates

Our metal driveway gates can be manufactured to suit any size opening and terrain. Different kinds of metal driveway gates are used in certain situations which is briefly explained below.

Concertina metal driveway gates

Concertina driveway gates are used when there is insufficient room for the gates to open or there is a steep incline meaning the gates can not open at there full width. Each gate leaf is cut in half and hinged so there will be four gates rather than two to allow opening.

Metal sliding driveway gates

Sliding metal gates are used if the terrain is stopping the gates to function properly as a traditional 2 leaf metal gate can or there is limited room between the cars on the driveway to the gate opening. Sliding metal gates can also be electrified for added convenience, along with intercom system etc. In instances where the ground is uneven, a cantilever system will be used as we require the ground to be level for the gate track.

2 leaf metal driveway gates

Two leaf driveway gates are the most common, as long as the other factors mentioned above are not infringing. They can be fixed directly to existing brick piers, if strong enough or hinged from metal posts either bolted to piers or concreted into the ground.

Metal garden gates

All of our metal garden gates are hand crafted and made to measure any size opening. There are many different designs we can achieve by using railheads, scrolls etc. We can hang the gates directly from existing brick pier’s if strong enough, or we can supply metal gate posts.

The finish of our metal gates can be galvanized, powder coated or primed and sprayed. The colour of the gates is entirely your choice .

Metal Gate Repairs & Restoration

More often than not, a metal gate repair can be achieved on site. But in some cases, where the gate has been severely damaged, we will have to take it to the workshop to repair. We will make a visit and assess the damaged iron gate, or gates, and make a decision from there. We also realign old gates

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