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Metal Railings

Hand Crafted Metal Railings

All of our metal railings are hand crafted and made to measure. We have a wide range of designs for you to choose from, or you can use your own designs. The finish of the metal railings can be galvanised, powder coated or primed and painted. The colour of the railings is entirely your choice.

Please contact us by telephone or via the contact form with any queries. We can answer any questions you may have about the metal railings required.We also provide a no-obligation site visit where we can attend the site and take measurements before providing a quote. We provide a complete service from initial contact which includes a free no-obliogation site consultation if required, manufacture and full installation for your project.

Metal Railings Repaired / Restored

We carry out many railing repairs around London and the south east, but we find cast iron railing repairs are the most common. Cast iron is very brittle, so it does not take much for it to break. Much of the railing repairs we attend to, are in central London where they date back to the 1800’s.

Cast Iron Railing Restoration

Cast iron railing restorations, or any railing restoration is quite a straight forward procedure, but can also be very time consuming. We start off by fully stripping the railings back to its original state, which can take some time, as many have been painted over and over for the last 100 odd years!.

Being how old the cast iron railings are, it can also be a little tricky to match some components, such as railheads, but when we can’t match them, we can cast a replica. In this situation, we will remove the component we need to match, and get as many castings as we need. While the components are at the foundry, we can repair or replace damaged foundations and any other components that have been damaged, or are missing.

When the new castings are ready, we will return to weld them back in place. We then prime the railings with zinc phosphate anti corrosion paint and finish in black gloss, unless of course, they were a different colour to start with.

Cost Of Cast Iron Railing Repairs

Repairing cast iron railings is more expensive than repairing wrought iron railings, for the simple fact, materials cost more. Cast iron welding rods are used, which are far more expensive than conventional mild steel welding rods. Also the cost of missing components can be quite expensive to replicate as we have to get them cast in the foundary.
We have all the necessary equipment to carry out repair work on railings on site. All work is finished to a very high standard.

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