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Metal Driveway Gates

 Metal Driveway Gates

We have more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of custom made metal driveway gates throughout London and the surrounding boroughs for both domestic and commercial properties.

We can supply and install all types of driveway gates to fit any size opening. There are some things to take into account when thinking about installing metal driveway gates at your property. Space is the main thing to be aware of. If you have a small driveway which does not allow for the conventional two leaf gates then you would have to install a driveway gate which is both practical and allows for safe opening and closing when operated.

For smaller driveways we would recommend installing  metal bifold driveway gates  or a sliding driveway gate . Benefits of both are explained below.


Bifold Metal Driveway Gates

Bifold gates are very beneficial when there is not enough space to have double gates installed. They work on smaller driveways because each gate leaf is made smaller. If a driveway is four meters wide instead of having two gate leafs at two meters each we would make four gates at one meter (two on each side).  This means that when opened they only fold back one meter rather than two meters. Using this design of gates we can make each gate leaf smaller or larger to suit different size openings.

Sliding Driveway Gates 

Sliding driveway gates can be an extremely convenient option as they can be installed on any terrain even if it is sloping. There are two options when installing sliding gates. If the ground is flat and level or can be made level, then a track can be laid for the sliding gate to slide on. 

If the ground can’t be levelled then a cantilever sliding gate would have to be installed. The gate would then operate from one end of the gate as shown here

For more convenience metal sliding driveway gates can be powered to open and close using a command fob. When pressed the gates will open and close automatically to whatever the timer is set at, allowing safe entry and exit. They can be powered using either 24v or 230v.


Driveway Gates Repair & Restoration

Usually a damaged driveway gate can be repaired onsite but if the damage to your gates are more severe then we take them to our London based workshop to repair. 

Different Types of Driveway Gates That We Offer:

  • Concertina/bifold driveway gates
  • Sliding driveway gates
  • Electric driveway gates
  • Double leaf driveway gates
  • Bespoke driveway gates
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